Why did I start Baucum Law Firm?

Welcome to the first post on Baucum Law Firm’s blog! Featuring a place on our website where clients, colleagues, and the public can learn more about this firm, current issues in the law, and the fundamentals of our practice areas is a vital component to BLF's mission. Occasionally, I’ll take the time to add a personal post about the journey of building my dream law firm.

I opened Baucum Law Firm, PLLC on September 14, 2020 after nearly a year of brainstorming, planning, and, yes, praying. I continued to put off what I now realize was the inevitable until I could wait no longer. When the time came to pull the trigger, so to speak, I launched into action. Luckily, I am surrounded by an incredible group of family and friends who were keen to help any way I needed.

But why? Why start a business during a pandemic? Why start from scratch what other people have already built?

What I desire most is a legal career defined by honesty to clients, dedication to their cause, and respect for the law. I wish to build a law firm that utilizes all available avenues to be accessible to clients, to achieve their dreams, and to empower them to participate in the legal system without fear. These are big dreams for a single attorney law office. However, one must start somewhere.

In these early stages, everything matters. My filing system, research method, writing style, scheduling, and phone etiquette all serve as either launch pads or stumbling blocks to the next phase of this journey. I’m learning the ropes and daily refining the way my firm operates in preparation for the future and in service to my clients. I’m not sure where this journey will take me, but I do know that the best way to get what I want, which is to advocate for my fellow man, is to build my kind of law firm at BLF.

Thank you for reading!


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